Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Food | Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN

Food is delicious. And the Twin Cities were extra delicious.

We started our grazing with dinner at the 112 eatery in downtown Minneapolis. The place had a great cozy atmosphere, and the food was super good, as should be expected from a James Beard winner for Best Chef Midwest. We shared a salad and two small pasta plates.

St. Paul won us over with the food trucks parked on Kellogg Blvd., outside of the City Hall. The food selection was excellent with around half a dozen trucks parked on a busy downtown street. Tons of local "suits" were down at the trucks for lunch. We chose a taco offering, dripping with an awesome sauce.

Tao Natural Foods & Organic Café was one of our all-USA favorites! The fresh vegetarian offerings reminded us of our favorite healthy eatery in Cambridge (Life Alive). We had a wheatgrass shot and two bowls filled with brown rice, beans, avocado, and greens. The added charm of Bragg Aminos at each table made us feel right at home! Bonus: they have a great market for your natural-living essentials.

Dinner on day two was at the highly Yelp-rated (we definitely live and die by Yelp!) Brasa, serving southern, creole, and Caribbean inspired comfort food. We shared something like 3 small meats and 5 small sides and it was just the right amount for 3 people, without getting stuffed to a condition of a food-coma...

..which left some room for cupcakes!  We went to Cupcake (winner of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network) for dessert, to fill a special request for my brother to bring treats home to his wife. With plenty of sugary options, including cupcakes, brownies, and frosting shots, coupled with a good coffee, we were reasonably impressed... although, we've all had better cupcakes.

On our way out of town the following day, we popped into Moose & Sadie's in the North Loop/Warehouse neighborhood for a quick bite. The tuna melt I ordered was very good (I'm a sucker for a tuna sandwich...) and Amanda's wrap was nice and fresh.

Twin Cities, you fed us very well - thank you for that!


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  1. ha! The other night we were trying to decide whether to try Brasa or 112 Eatery. We went with Brasa, and it was awesome! Now I really have to push for 112 Eatery. The chef also has another restaurant, Bar La Grassa, which I've been to/is amaaaazing!

    I've read about Moose and Sadie's - it's not exactly convenient to me, but it sounds like it's adorable and cozy and I've been dying to do some blogging there for awhile!

    I read about an amazing burrito at Tao Foods - now I really want to try it! Thanks for all the insight into my new (ish) city :)


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