Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Green Bay, WI

Our stop in Green Bay was a quick one...

We got into town in late afternoon, decided it was wine-thirty, and went for a wine tasting at Captain's Walk Winery.  The winery is set up in an old house that makes you feel instantly comfortable - a perfect setting to make friends with your wine tasting neighbors. We met some fellow travelers from St. Louis and they gave us great tips for some of our upcoming stops.

For dinner we were craving Italian comfort food and found the adorably decorated Caffe Mario on Yelp. It was apparent that this spot is a favorite of the townsfolk - it made for a fun atmosphere, listening to the locals talk across the room to one another. At the end of our meal, we walked outside of the restaurant, which is situated by the Fox River, and had a sit on the dock to watch the tiny fish jump to the surface and catch their dinner.

Most everyone we came across told us to go to the local Bay Beach Amusement Park, where the rides and concessions are cheap and you can loop around on Elvis's favorite roller coaster (and the first roller coaster Taras and I ever rode together!), the Zippin Pippin (the roller coaster originally resided in Memphis and was later purchased by the city of Green Bay). And even though there were what seemed to be gnats swarming the park, it was a great night - fun is contagious at a park like this, and you can't help but smile when you watch the little kiddos flying around on those rides.

We knew we couldn't miss the most notable part of Green Bay, Lambeau Field.  And, so, the next morning on our way out of town we drove to the stadium for a look around and did the Walk of Legends (I thought it was lame...).


Most photos are from the iPhone.

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