Monday, June 4, 2012

Thunder on the Lakeshore | Manitowoc, WI

This past weekend, while driving from Milwaukee, WI to Green Bay, WI, we heard some roaring sounds above our heads. Seconds later, it became clear that the noise was coming from an aerobatic team of 4 planes. We pulled over to a nearby housing development, made friends with a couple of locals and tried to shoot some video of the planes doing loop-de-loops and shooting smoke out for all to see.

We later learned that the airshow was the 20th annual Thunder on the Lakeshore, and the aerobats (cool word, huh?) we spotted were the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team, flying North American Advanced Trainer AT-6 "Texan" airplanes. The planes were used to train US pilots during WWII.


  1. Very cool, Amanda! I am enjoying your adventure, too!!! What an amazing experience for you! Take care. Gayle Sansbury

    1. Thanks so much Gayle! Hope to see you all when we make it to FL!


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