Friday, June 1, 2012

Lanterman's Mill | Youngstown, OH

We sourced Lanterman's Mill from an Esquire article about the Great Outdoors (yes, sometimes I like to flip through the glossies). The current mill structure was built in 1846 using 7-ft thick stone walls, after the previous log building was washed away by a flood. Today, the mill runs much like it did in the 1800's, grinding corn, wheat, and buckwheat. The flour is available for sale at the mill store and we picked up a bag of whole wheat, ground up fresh that morning! Inside the building you can see all the machinery, including the main water wheel, the wooden-teeth main gear (the wood is designed to snap off in case of a jam or other malfunction, preventing damage to the rest of the mechanism), the clutch, etc. - my engineering self totally loved all the moving parts!


Surrounding the mill, there are miles of hiking/walking/running trails. We did a quick loop, making the mistake of not changing from our "city folk" shoes to something more trail appropriate. That'll be the last time!

Photo fails!


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