Saturday, June 30, 2012

Indianapolis, IN | Part 1

After Fort Wayne we headed down to Indianapolis. The drive was beautiful farm land the whole way - so beautiful that we even stopped once to get out of the car and take it all in.

Indianapolis was honestly such a surprise for us - a much larger city than we had realized and there is so much to do and see in terms of neighborhoods, museums, and outdoor activities.  The city was super clean and we were there when spring flowers were a-blooming, making downtown smell beautiful. There were a good number of bicyclists out on the many designated bike lanes throughout the city. We were in town the week of the Indy 500 and it was a lot of fun to see the city really embracing the race, with houses and storefronts sporting "Welcome Race Fans!" signs (we actually skipped the Hall of Fame Museum since they were charging extra during race week). There were a lot of "Beat the Heat" banners up while the Indiana Pacers were battling the Miami Heat in the NBA playoffs. We also started noticing more western-inspired wear (decorative belts and buckles, etc.) and some southern-ish accent with y'alls being thrown around (yay!).

We started our time in Indianapolis in the Broad Ripple Village neighborhood. After brunch at 3 Sisters Cafe we walked around a bit to check out the restaurants, bars, and a few boutiques, a lot of which are nestled between adorable houses.  There's a definite hip vibe about the area and we totally dug their slogan, "we're open if you are."

Next we headed to the Mass Ave section of town.  We, of course, felt right at home just by the name of the street :) Mass Ave is the arts and theater district of the city and it shows through - artful bike and pedestrian sidewalks/crosswalks, painted curbs, and artist commissioned works at various spots on the street. There were restaurants and eclectic shops aplenty in the area and many cyclists peddling by - an easy neighborhood to fall in love with. Oh, and we were sure to have some famous Bazbeaux pizza.

More to come in Part 2.


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