Monday, June 25, 2012

Fort Wayne, IN

We spent only one afternoon and night in Fort Wayne, but we squeezed in quite a bit.  We opted for outdoor activities, rather than seeking out museums or exploring the downtown sights - a nice change of pace for us.  The quick stop through town made it difficult to pick up on the vibe of the city, but it does seem that the town really values the outdoors - thinking of it now, it's likely the culture of Fort Wayne led us to spend so much time outside.

Fort Wayne has a trail system that spans 68 miles, 50 miles of which are interconnected. The trail system is continually growing and flows through the city, parks, riverbanks, and protected greenland. We took Theodore and Shelby out for a short 8 mile ride on the Towpath trail, taking in the views of marshlands and what seemed to be farmlands.

At night, we went to cheer on the Tin Caps at Parkview Field. A minor league baseball game is on our list of things to do while on the road, and we couldn't have picked a better place - Parkview Field was just named the #1 minor league ballpark! We could see why - the park was beautiful and had the most amazing option to sit on the lawn. It was the cheapest ticket ($5), but probably the coolest seat! Although it got really chilly, it was a such a fun night of watching the game and seeing all the kids and families enjoying the Great American Pastime.

On our way out of town, we were sure to walk around the grounds of the Fort, which is a replica of the Fort built in 1816 - it was a cool look back in history.

We also spent some time at the rose garden in town, and we will put up a separate post on that.


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