Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leaving Boston Behind

We're gonna back-track a little bit to our last week in Boston.  It was all a bit hectic and exciting.  We both worked through the end of April, which was Monday the 30th.  This also happened to be the night we had to be out of our apartment and have our car packed for the trip... there was a solid 24 hours of no sleep and, of course, we managed to lock ourselves out of our building with just an hour left to be moved out. Fun! We spent Tuesday through Thursday nights with our families, then hit the road Friday morning. Throughout our last week we managed many farewell dinners and some fun around Boston. It rained during all the big moments: as we left the apartment, our last night in Boston, the morning we left for the trip... good thing rain means good luck!


 Both of our companies we so supportive of our endeavor, and made sure we had the proper send-offs.

Leaving our apartment was probably the most difficult part of the week.  This had been our only home together. Locking up the apartment truly seemed like the end of an era. And that's me zonked out after unloading the U-haul!

Our last big event in Boston was the Saturday before we left.  We went with friends to the Bacon and Beer fest and it was pretty perfect - all the beer and bacon delights you can imagine.  Then we came back into Boston on Tuesday night for our private farewell to the city.  We had been given tickets to a Sox game and imagined we'd bike to the game and frolic in the city - perfect, right?  But it was raining and miserable.  So we cabbed to the game, stayed only for a couple innings, then called it quits and ate oysters and had cocktails instead.

On Thursday we had a little farewell gathering in New Hampshire with the families and some friends. It was so good to spend time with everyone before we left.

Then we headed out bright and early Friday morning!  Russian tradition is to "sit for the road" which is basically sitting down for a second before leaving on a big trip.  This is Taras's mom and I taking a sit!

We cannot thank our families, friends, and coworkers enough for all the support and encouragement they have given us these last few months!  You all truly made this decision a million times easier.  xo


  1. That glass of champagne looks all too familiar!!!


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