Monday, May 14, 2012

Introductions, et cetera

Hello, friends!

We'd again like to thank all our guest bloggers from last week: Sarah, Amanda, Emily, Natalie, and Nicole. Your favorite spots from around the US have us even more excited to explore this beautiful country!  We had such a great response to our guest posts that we have decided to feature one guest post each week - email us if you'd like to be added to the line-up!

Also, welcome to all our new friends!  It's time to formally introduce our little travel family:
Taras: The leading man, designated driver and bicycle repair specialist. He's excited for the first time he gets to launder his boxers in the river (using biodegradable soap, of course).
Amanda: The professional car napper, trip budget coordinator and excessive shoe packer. She dreams of hosting a dinner party at a campsite picnic table.
Zion: He was a little sad to leave his beloved prior family, where he could play with an adorable little girl and a fluffy dog.  So far, he's adjusting well to the new gig and just got his tires rotated and oil changed today!
Theodore: Taras's trusted companion.  He's been in the family for a few years now, enduring his share of scrapes and bruises.  Poor guy had the first mechanical casualty of the trip when he popped a tire yesterday.
Shelby: She is the newest addition to the family! She's sporty and lightweight, making her the perfect companion for our cross-county adventures.

If you'd like to know more, check out our about us section.

-Taras & Amanda

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