Monday, January 2, 2012

Food | Amsterdam

As much as we really enjoy making food a big part of our travels, our time in Amsterdam did not focus around eating (I guess this means we need to go back and really take in the food scene!).  Aside from enjoying some doner kebabs and Wok to Walk on the run, we did manage to find delicious gouda cheese, but failed on spotting a herring vendor for Taras. One afternoon we settled in at Cafe Hoppe and tried bitterballen, basically fried meatballs, and genever, dutch gin. And, of course, we had some pannekoeken, or Dutch pancakes. Lucky for us we were a group of four and were able to try both savory and sweet versions.  Seriously delicious stuff, those pancakes!


Pancakes make me happy!

Taras and I did manage a little date time with wine samplers at vyne.

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