Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dog Sledding | Windsor, VT

In February of 2011 we went with some friends to Windsor, VT, a couple hours north of Boston, to go dog sledding.

We learned a few things during our ride, while talking to the dog owners/mushers:
- The dogs cannot pull in temperatures higher than 50 degrees. The colder it is, the better they perform.
- The ages of these dogs ranged from seven months (!) to eight years old.
- The lead dogs listen for the commands of the musher and the other dogs naturally follow.  The lead dogs train for a few months but the other dogs do not need training.
- The musher commands in a normal speaking voice and the lead dog can still hear! All the dogs' ears were perked up for the entire ride.

It goes without saying that each dog has its own personality.  But witnessing so many dogs together definitely magnified their individualities and it was entertaining to watch them all interact.  Across the board, all the dogs were hyper, but very lovable.

Great River Outfitters hosts the dog owners each winter.  The grounds are vast and beautiful, but even the amazing property cannot steal the thunder from the on-site teepees! Great River hosts cookouts, campfires, and birthdays.  That would be one epic birthday celebration.


To top the day off, we all walked over to Harpoon Brewery to warm up and drink delicious beer.

This is what one would call a good winter's day!

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