Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kenai Peninsula | Roadside Views

We left Seward and drove west to explore more of the Kenai Peninsula. Our final destination was Homer, but we stopped for the night somewhere along the way. The drive was beautiful, with forest, mountain, and water views everywhere we looked. We mentioned a lot of times how similar Alaska seemed to Montana, except larger and even more remote.

One rule we learned quickly on our road trip, especially in national parks, is to pull over when you notice a lot of cars pulled off on the side of the road. This rule holds true on the back roads of Alaska. Shortly into our drive, we pulled over behind a long line of cars. We made our way across the street, where we looked down to see a bear frolicking in the water, seemingly trying to catch his salmon dinner. He played in the water for a bit, going under a couple times, and ultimately coming up with a mouthful of fish (and then he barked like a dog and exited the water!). Honestly, the bear seemed so playful and fun that I forgot for a minute how dangerous these animals can be!

The next day as we were driving back past the same spot, we spotted these two fishermen! It was crazy to see just how closely man and bear coexist in Alaska.

It wasn't an unusual sight to see fisherman walking down the road like this.... maybe they were going from one fishing location to the next?

Pictures hardly show how beautiful Alaska is. Around every corner there was another beautiful view to see - truly, and outdoor enthusiast's paradise.

It's hard to tell with this blurry picture, but this was a fresh water well coming out of the mountainside, just on the side of a main roadway. Taras noticed a couple cars pulled over to refill their bottles so he went to get us fresh water, too!

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