Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lake Powell, Utah

We stopped for a couple hours at Lake Powell, which sits on the border of Utah and Arizona, just northeast of the Grand Canyon.

Lake Powell is a man-made reservoir, created by the flooding of Glen Canyon, and is a popular vacation spot. It seems the right way to vacation at Lake Powell is to rent a house boat - I seriously couldn't believe how many houseboats were in the water!

Isn't it just beautiful? You couldn't ask more a better backdrop for swimming.

We left Lake Powell and headed south toward the Grand Canyon, and were thrilled with the stunning landscapes we passed along the way.

We also came across a couple roadside marketplaces, where Native Americans were selling jewelry, pottery, and other handmade wares.


  1. Stunning photos! Utah is gorgeous.

    1. we were constantly amazed at how beautiful Utah is!

  2. so so gorgeous! i've always wanted to go to lake powell!


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