Thursday, January 30, 2014

San Diego, CA

After a red-eye flight back to California from Hawaii, we continued our southward drive. It didn't take long to realize we were both too tired to drive, so we filled up on breakfast in Long Beach, then found a nearby park where we hung our hammock and took a nap - vagabonding at its best.

Rested, we made our way to Laguna Beach where we met a friend for lunch. We took only one picture of our time there, but the downtown has lots of cute shops and restaurants and the beach was packed. We later followed our friend to her house, where she hosted us for the evening, complete with an amazing home-cooked meal! :)

The next morning we shot down to La Jolla to meet another friend for brunch and we were treated to some of that famous California traffic on the way down. Despite the traffic, we still felt lucky to see so many familiar faces within the span of a couple days.

We explored La Jolla for a bit, spending most of our time nearby the Cove, where we watched both birds and seals (er, sea lions?) sunning while swimmers and kayakers played all around them.

This guy.

Then we drove to Old Town San Diego, where we found a lot of people donning period dress, which was a fun surprise. We walked through some old buildings that were set up sort of like museums to show what life was like back in the day.

There were so many beautiful plants all around the area.

After we left the historic exhibit section of Old Town, we walked through the other streets where we found a lot of shops and plenty of Mexican restaurants. We settled in at the bar at Cafe Coyote and indulged in margaritas and handmade flour tortillas (served warm with butter and salsa).

To wrap up the day, we drove to the beach just in time to see the sun disappear. Coming from the East Coast and being most familiar with beaches where fire is a huge no-no, I was amazed to see the large groups of people out enjoying beverages and grilling dinner as they watched the sky become dark. There were even a lot of folks still out swimming and surfing in the dark waters!

After a bit of a walk around the lively beach neighborhood, we called it a night.

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