Thursday, July 11, 2013

Smith Rock State Park | Redmond, OR

Smith Rock State Park is not far from Bend and we had a bunch of people tell us to go check it out. Smith Rock is best known for is popularity with rock climbers, and is even considered the birthplace of modern American sport climbing (see more on the wiki page here).

While we didn't give climbing a go, we did hike around a bit and stopped fairly frequently to watch in awe at the climbers, especially the climbers who had made it to the very top of the rock (they looked like teeny tiny people from where we stood!). Once upon a time, before I even knew Taras, he had been into climbing a bit. He hasn't gotten back into it, but that day it was next to impossible to get him to leave the park - he was completely taken by all the climbers.

The hiking paths are great but the desert-like conditions don't provide much shade, so be sure to bring along plenty of water and a hat. Also, look out for the friendly park ranger with a snake... say hello if you dare :)

The drive in and out of the park is gorgeous and is mostly farmland - you're sure to spot some horses and deer along the way.


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