Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bend, OR | Hot Air Balloon Festival

We made our way from the coast back inland, to Bend, Oregon (more about the town in our next post!) and we happened to be in town during the Balloons over Bend hot air balloon and children's festival.

We woke up before the sun that next morning and drove over to Riverbend Park. We watched the balloon owners set up the balloons - rolling the canvases out of their trailers, filling the inside up with air, heating them up, etc.  The flamethrowers were wicked cool - shooting fire bursts up to 10ft high into the balloons!

The moment of liftoff is pretty surreal - we got to watch a mere strips of fabric turn into a giant balloon, become weightless, pull the heavy basket up off the ground, and take flight... Then, one by one, they all took off - it was super cool to see all those colorful balloons floating into the sky.



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  1. This is so neat! I have always wanted to attend a festival. I looked into flying while we were in NM but we picked the wrong weekend to go! It would have been fairly expensive any ways though.


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