Monday, March 25, 2013

Seattle | Part 1 (plus a video!)

Oh, Seattle, you stole a little chunk of our hearts!

Here's the thing: I was convinced that the Pike Place Market wouldn't impress me... I was concerned that it'd be super touristy and not enjoyable. But, thankfully, it was lovely. There were booths full of endless amounts of fresh flowers, meat, seafood, fruit, and vegetables. And the more specialty offerings didn't disappoint, either: art, pasta, jerky, cheese, baked goods, locally sourced honey, and more. We could have spent all day just wandering around, snacking as we went. I can just imagine what it'd be like to live nearby - stopping by on the way home from work to pick up meats and cheeses for last minute company, or walking over on a leisurely Saturday to pick up fresh flowers for the week and supplies for an afternoon picnic. Heaven.

Be warned, I had a hard time editing down the number of photos.


Here's a quick video of the fish throwing (the fish is thrown right at the beginning of the video):


  1. Ugh, I already really wanted to go to Seattle, but now I can't wait! I love farmers markets, and this one look just amazing.

  2. I love Seattle so much, even though I've never been there! It always makes me so happy when people share their Seattle photos. I can't wait to get to the rest! =]


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