Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yellowstone National Park, WY | Part 3 (plus a video!)

Click here for Part I and here for Part 2.

The next day was all about geysers. Did you know that Yellowstone possesses near 60 percent of the world's geysers? Inside the park, there are 150 of them within one square mile! You can read more here, if you'd like.

First up, Old Faithful. We grabbed breakfast at the Old Faithful Lodge and awaited the Geyser's eruption (Old Faithful is so named because it's one of the most predictable geographical features on earth and erupts approximately every 91 minutes). 

Next, we drove down the road to the Lower Geyser Basin. We hadn't done any research so we had no idea what to expect... and it was the most amazing sight! The colors were just magical - starting with the emerald green/ocean blues of the deep water pools, and moving to the goldenrod oranges of the shallow hot spring lake. These amazing colors come from a thin layer of bacteria that can survive in hot water.  It's a giant living colony of microorganisms and they are very fragile - visitors are strongly urged (by signs and overbearing mom-tourists) to stay off the rocks and on the wooden boardwalk. And lastly, there are hot waterholes that pump out so much steam that only strong wind gusts can clear it out for a second and allow you a glimpse of the water's surface. Such a volcanically spectacular place!

In summary, our thoughts on Yellowstone: the park is giant and amazing. We stayed only one night but saw so much in those (less than) 24 hours. It was easy for us leave so soon once we agreed to come back again in the future. Hopefully with kids because, seriously, kids need to see wonders of this place. I mean, it would be so easy to spend a week there hiking, fishing, exploring, and wildlife watching!


Be sure to watch this video, guys! Our videography is nothing to write home about, but there is so much natural beauty to see:

Did you catch the part when Taras rescues my hat?!  If you're visiting on a windy day, keep a hand on your hat... mine was definitely not the only one that had fallen! The hat incident put us in quite the predicament - do we leave it? That would be polluting, right? Or rescue it, and in the process mess with the ground we shouldn't be touching? We decided to rescue it - Taras used his belt plus my shoe laces to lasso the darn thing (it was my favorite hat, after all). Unfortunately, the hat got wet and bent out of shape in the process and it's never looked quite the same. :(

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  1. Wat did you think of Yellowstone Lodge? Pretty cool, eh?

    1. So cool! And I definitely gained an appreciation for lodges during this trip.

  2. seriously one of the coolest things ever. on my list and totally pinned that first picture


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