Friday, February 22, 2013

Travel Inspiration

When we were in the beginning stages of planning our trip, I loved it when travel-inspired motivational prints popped up on pinterest. They helped reinforce the idea that we just needed to take the leap. Here are some of my favorites:

One: Type Junkie // Two: Happy Deliveries // Three: Here and There Shop // Four: Gergina Radeva // Five: Milenine // Six: Minha May // Seven: Lorraine Veronica

Here are some travel blogs that continue to inspire me (and give me the travel itch, even if we did just return home!). If you're looking for some blog reads for the weekend, be sure to check out these adventurers:

- Nicole of La Mia Vita is a Cali girl currently living in Madrid while she goes to graduate school, teaches at a local school, and takes dreamy weekend trips (exhibit A here).

- Liz of explore. dream. discover. is living with her husband in Amsterdam and they have been on amazing trip after amazing trip (one of my recent favorites was their holiday trip to Switzerland. And how beautiful is Amsterdam? I want to go back so bad!).

- Sara and her husband over at The Traveling PhoBlogWriPher are slowly checking off every US state. They are fortunate to move around with his job and are exploring the US region by region (and her 50 Nifty series is really cool!).

- Alex and Mina of sending postcards are from Canada and are always on the go, and their photos are some of the best around (check out this snow day post!).

- Ashley and Brian of A&B have spent a lot of time traveling in the past and are always having fun weekend adventures from their current home base of Seattle. I loved reading about this trip to Neah Bay.

- Natasha from Beautifully, Suddenly lives in Sydney and has been posting stunning pictures of a trip to Italy.

- Ashely and Aron of Hither and Tither are settling into their new home in California but they often set off on amazing adventures with their toddler son, Hudson. Check out some of their past travelogues here.

- Kristina from le fabuleux destin has been to some awesome places - see them here!

- Yuriy and Julia of Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot went on a six month honeymoon around the world and have since settled in back at home in Seattle. They continue to update their blog when they travel, most recently to Cuba. And they're both photographers so you know the pictures are good.

- Janis writes over at My Suitcase Heart and is living in South Korea with her husband and you really must go read their stories and marvel at their photos.

- mike & jess in malta are currently blogging about their recent road trip through Europe. I'm thinking a Europe road trip is making its way onto our must-do list.

- Amanda of Marshalls Abroad is living in Okinawa, Japan with her husband and the two of them are the cutest adventurers. And, bonus, Amanda posts delicious recipes when she isn't blogging about their latest trip or their life in Okinawa. 

- Have you seen Lisa's Across the USA series? So good!

Let me know if there are any good travel blogs I'm missing out on!

Do you have any travel dreams of your own? Are you hesitant to take the leap, or are you in full-on planning mode? I'd love to hear about any of your future travel plans! 


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