Friday, January 25, 2013

Devils Tower National Monument

When we left Deadwood we headed for Devils Tower in Wyoming and got to enjoy a lot of changing scenery as we headed further west - red clay hills, plateaus, and then finally some clouds floating lower than the mountaintops. The most exciting part of the drive was spotting the Rocky Mountains in the distance - it was Taras's first time seeing the Rockies!

Devils Tower is a geological feature that protrudes 1,267 feet up from the surrounding prairie land (the summit is 5,114 feet above sea level) and is a popular spot for climbing enthusiasts. It was also the first-ever declared National Monument, in 1906. The Tower is sacred to many Native American tribes, even today. Annually, during the month of June, climbers are asked to stay off the Tower so the tribes can conduct ceremonies around the monument.

Devils Tower was fun to spot from miles away, and was a spectacular (enormous) sight once we drove closer. There's a spot on the roadside to pull over and get a good view of the Tower and read the information plaque. We decided, since we were visiting in June, to not drive into the Monument or bother with touching the formation.


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  1. Oh yay, Wyoming! I still can't believe we were there for six months and never saw Devil's Tower!


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