Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Beartooth Highway | Part 1

Thank goodness we had the drive through Bighorn National Forest under our belts before making it to Beartooth Highway.  This scenic drive is on the Montana-Wyoming border and has been called the most beautiful drive in America. The trip up to the 10,947 ft high Beartooth Pass is both stunning and terrifying.

The switchbacks are intense and every time I looked over at Taras he seemed to be taking in the sights instead of looking at the ROAD. I was terrified and cried at least once. But do not let my words deter you! It is a beautiful drive, and so worth it. And, bonus, I was a professional car passenger by the end of that day and well-prepared for all the mountain drives that came later in our travels.

Enjoy part one of these photos - tomorrow we'll be back with the second half of the drive (when we reached the snow!).


Note: The pass is not open year round due to snow, but is generally open from May through October. The route is about 70 miles and took us a couple hours to drive. There are pull out spots along the way and one rest stop with bathrooms (and giant, friendly squirrels waiting to be fed).


  1. That squirrel!!

    This is kind of random, but I scrolled over a photo to make it bigger and saw that your Pinterest button has a map in it! So cool!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I'd been wanting a hover pin it button and Taras made it happen :)


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