Monday, June 25, 2012

Kalamazoo, MI

After Holland, MI our next stop was going to be Fort Wayne, Indiana.  To split up the drive a bit, we decided to spend a night in Kalamazoo, MI. I was interested because I thought the city name was fun to say. Taras had a more practical interest in the city - from his college athletics days he remembered the Kalamazoo College water polo team to be quite good.

On the drive, we passed by a sign advertising delicious pie.  Those who know Taras know he has an inexplicable love of fruit pie. We decided to turn down the road where the arrow pointed, thinking it couldn't be too far of a detour.  Ten miles or so later we (finally!) came to a farm that grows seasonal fruits. The farm had a giant restaurant, and a front case featuring their pies.  Taras picked a delicious slice of blueberry pie.  We decided the 20 mile detour was worth it.

When we got to Kalamazoo, we walked around downtown but it was late afternoon on a Sunday.  Shops were closed up and not many people were out and about.  We did come across one of the few restaurants to be open on a Sunday evening, Rustica. The restaurant's emphasis on fresh, local ingredients was right up our alley and did not disappoint - one of our best meals on the trip. I'm still thinking about the asparagus, pork belly, and soft boiled egg dish.


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