Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lake Erie

After some long (~9 hrs) stints of interstate highway driving the first few days of our trip, we decided to change our tune a bit and try some back roads. After leaving Toronto we headed toward Pittsburgh, driving along the southern shore of Lake Erie.

We spotted a beach park and decided to pull over.  I have this thing where I like to spit in bodies of water, as a token of sorts - "Taras was here."  I've successfully marked the Atlantic and Pacific oceans with this method, as well as a countless number of lakes and rivers. Now Lake Erie can be added to the list!

I also took a sip of the lake water - boys will be boys... With a body of water this big, and a legitimate beach you see above, I instinctively expected the water to be salty. Years of living near the ocean will do that to ya. But, alas, the water was fresh.


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