Monday, April 23, 2012

A Little Update

Hello, friends!

It's about time we pop in and give a little update on the trip. We have been busy packing up our apartment (seriously, how did we accumulate so much stuff in four short years?!). The fridge is officially empty - down to the last pbr - so we're eating our way through Cambridge this week. We're both wrapping up work and have been meeting up with friends to say our goodbyes - this is really happening! Our final farewell to Boston will be none other than the Bacon and Beer Fest this upcoming weekend. Boston couldn't send us off in any better way.

We've adjusted our departure date to May 6th and have some great guest bloggers lined up for our first week of traveling so we can get used to our new life on the road. We won't be blogging too much for the next little bit, but we're trying to stay active on Pinterest, facebook, and Instagram - come visit!

1 - On Saturday we took a little photography course and I got to try out my new makeshift camera bag (vintage Ghurka bag scored at the Brooklyn Flea for a steal a couple weekends ago - just popped in a camera insert then good to go!).
2 - Packing is exhausting. Especially when husband wants to keep all his college notebooks. 
3 - Some refreshments to help motivate Friday night packing sessions.  The week before we relied on pbr. #packingjuice.
4 - We picked me up a new bike for the trip because I needed something a little lighter than my stylish commuter bike, Caroline (I already miss her).  I feel so sporty! The new bike needs a name - help!!



  1. Replies
    1. haha! too late - i already named her shelby!

  2. I love that makeshift camera bag! Love all of your guest posts too! New follower! xoxo A-

  3. Came across your blog thanks to Em and I'm loving it! What an amazing adventure you two lovebirds have embarked in :). Love reading about other's favorite cities. In my case I'll have to say Milwaukee has my heart. Though I haven't travelled much around the states and I'm currently living in Chicago, I called Milwaukee home for 9 years. You guys must stop and visit it!


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