Thursday, September 5, 2013

Santa Barbara, CA

When Amanda did a guest post for us about Santa Barbara, the city looked so fun and pretty that we couldn't wait to see it for ourselves. We ended up with only a couple hours to explore, which was just enough time to walk the city streets in awe - think beautiful Spanish-inspired architecture (right down to the bus stop waiting benches, sidewalk address markings, and public trash cans) and gorgeous flowers and greenery all throughout the town. The city streets were seriously some of the most beautiful and vibrant that we saw during our trip. 

We took a brief walk to the beach and down the pier to watch the paddle boarders and other beach goers, and to take in the stunning landscape that is a palm tree lined beach with mountains in the distance. It was a view I never tired of while we were in California.

After a look around some of the wonderful shops on State Street, we found ourselves enjoying a super early dinner under the lemon trees at Zaytoon, then we were on our way to the next stop.

Santa Barbara was beyond lovely and is on that list of places where we wish we'd spent more time (and hope to visit again someday!).


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